Laser Vein Treatment vs Radiofrequency Vein Treatment

Presently there are two endovenous methods to correct Venous Insufficiency, the cause of varicose veins.   Radiofrequency ablation or EVRF works by threading a catheter into the incompetent vein.  The catheter delivers radiofrequency or microwave energy directly to the vein wall which causes the collagen in the vein to contract and thereby contract the vein.  Laser ablation or EVLT uses a laser to boil the blood and thrombose the vein closed.

When the procedures work, which is almost always the case, the incompetent vein is closed and the Venous Insufficiency resolves and most importantly, symptoms resolve.

So Which Method is Best?

I certainly believe radio frequency is the method of choice.  But dont just take my word for it. There was a study in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology and the abstract can be read here.  If you dont want to follow the link, I will sum up:  If you want less bruising, less pain, quicker symptom resolution, and less complications, please call us at 352-376-5112 or fill out the contact us page and we will call you back for a free evaluation.

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