Painful Leg Veins

Painful leg veins

But dont I need those painful leg veins?
One of the most common questions that patients ask prior to treatment is “What if I need those veins for a heart bypass someday?”  I think that’s a great question because I asked that same question when I trained to perform VNUS closure, otherwise known as the new Venefit procedure.

The answer is that veins that cause disease are typically too big or damaged to be used for a bypass.  In addition, I consider this a vein sparing procedure in that the  lower portion of veins that are treated are still available for heart surgery.  There are other options such as the mammary artery or brachial (arm) veins available as well.

If you have a question about your legs or vein disease please contact us at Advanced Venous Solutions and we would be pleased to help you.

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