I was discussing spider vein groupons and living social deals with a patient the other day.  I see the ads come up now and again to “get rid of your ugly spider veins”, and usually the offer is for one or two treatments.  I’ve even run one living social deal over a year ago myself.

Will it work?  Possibly. If you’ve got a few spider veins,one or two sclerotherapy sessions may resolve them.





But at Advanced Venous Solutions, we take a different approach.

We start at the foundation.  What is causing the spider veins in the first place? 

Usually its due to underlying Venous Insufficiency.


I would much rather start with a thorough evaluation of YOUR

legs and come up with a treatment plan for YOU than just

have you undergo a couple of sclerotherapy sessions and have them not work out or have recurrences.



I promise each patient when we start your treatment that when we are finished

we will have addressed all of their complaints. It may take a single visit, or it

may take many visits over a period of time depending on how severe

the veins are damaged. So whether you just have a few spider veins, or your legs are covered with

bulging painful varicosities, Give us a call.

We are here for YOU.


In my next blog we will be discussing the art of sclerotherapy.

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