Support Hose and Stockings

I see very few people who use support stockings on a regular basis.

“They’re hot.”  “They’re hard to put on.”  “They roll down my leg.”  “They’re expensive.”   “They don’t help”

There are a lot of reasons people don’t use them, but there is one good reason to consider them. They can act to slow down disease progression.  They are NOT going to reverse the process.  If you’re veins are not working, stockings are not going to fix them.  It’s like glasses.  If you’re vision is bad, wearing glasses improves your vision, but once the glasses are removed, you still can’t see.

There are quite a few brands of stockings out there.  Jobst, Sigvaris, Medi, and CEP are just a few.  For most people, I would recommend knee high stockings from a quality brand.

There are also a number of places in Gainesville from which to purchase:  Especially for Women, Pats Perfect Fit, and North Florida Orthotics all offer a wide selection of stockings.

Yes they can be pricey.   But if you have venous disease (and most of us do have some level of disease), prevention is the best medicine.  If stockings have failed and you would like more definitive treatment, please contact us at 352-376-5112, or click here to have us contact you for an evaluation.

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