Venous Ulcers

Venous Ulcers

The very first patient  I treated with VNUS closure (or the new name Venefit) had a venous stasis ulcer.  That was seven years ago.  Before that, I would see her for months at a time working to get her wound closed only to have it re-open within months again.

What is a venous ulcer?  Simply, it is a wound that can develop at the end stage of venous disease.  With prolonged swelling, blood will pool in the lower extremity and a pigment in the blood called hemosiderin will deposit in the skin.   In light skinned people it will stain the skin a brownish-reddish color.  In dark skinned people, the skin will turn black.   Hemosiderin leads to dry, cracked skin typically over the inside of the ankle.  When combined with prolonged swelling, this dry cracked skin will break open, forming a venous ulcer.

Not everyone with venous stasis will develop a wound, but for those that do it can be quite painful and difficult to heal.

VNUS closure is THE definitive treatment for vein disease. By correcting the underlying problem wound closure will be greatly enhanced.

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