Working Out with Compression Stockings

I work out.  I’m not overweight.  My legs don’t swell.  So why do I wear compression stockings?  Well honestly, I only wear them sometimes.  A guy at my gym was wearing these funky knee high socks, and asked if I could get them for him.   Well the funky socks are a brand called CEP.  And I love wearing them.  They make my legs feel great after working out.  Especially if there’s running involved.

According to their website, they decrease calf cramps by increasing oxygenation of the muscles and removing lactic acid.

They decrease Achilles problems by increasing oxygen and padding the Achilles.

They reduce shin splints by reducing vibration and increasing oxygen to the tissues.

Are all of the above true?  I don’t know.  But I do notice a big difference in how my legs feel when I wear them.  They are a bit pricey ($60/pair), but if you are an athlete, you may want to give them a try.  If you’re not an athlete, you still may want to give them a try.  And if your legs are still tired and achy, contact us.  We can help!

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