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Advanced Venous Solution have being receiving a number of testimonials regarding to veins treatment and closure procedures depending on their conditions. Some of venous veins treatment testimonials are as follows;

“They were 45 minute procedures about a week apart and I walked out and had no complications.” — A. J. Wedell

“I had torturous veins. Now they’re really flat. The appearance is much better.” — Betty Ezekiel

“I was surprised at how quick it took, and really pain free and that’s not an exaggeration it was pain free.” — Schwartzman

“I sleep better now. I don’t feel pain like before.” — Halina Ignaciuk

“I can feel he’s doing something, but I feel no pain.” — Vicki Trovillian

“It’s remarkable. I cannot believe it was that simple.” — Angela Briggs

“I tell anyone who has these not to put off treatment. Literally, the next day, it was like a miracle.” — Deborah Heine

“My one leg that has been treated some, versus my other leg, is less achy at night for sure.” — Ben Britt

“It keeps healing and looking better. The biggest thing to me is I feel great.” — Beth Mizer

I was shocked at how quickly I recovered. I was on the phone with my office as soon as I got home from the hospital. I’ve had more discomfort after a dental appointment than I had after this procedure.” — Joe Patterson

I woke up the next morning and felt like my feet were 10 pounds lighter. I was able to do all of my routine activities without any pain. Deborah Heine

“I highly recommend it to anyone who has had the stripping or anyone who has varicose veins.” — Tammy Shoemaker

“I highly recommend it for other women like me who have to struggle with work and family, and it is a very nice, convenient procedure.” — Julia Leggett

“Already I’ve noticed there feels like a real reduction in the area where the veins were bulging.” — Anne Marie Munson

About Testimonials

Each testimonial on this Web site is expressed in the words of real Closure® patients . These testimonials are based on each person’s individual experience. Outcomes may vary depending on a person’s particular condition and circumstances.

The Closure procedure will not be suitable for all patients and only a doctor can tell you whether the Closure procedure is right for you. As with any medical procedure, there are risks and considerations with the Closure procedure.

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