Treatment Comparison

Vein Stripping
and Ligation
Laser (EVL)
Typical Results 48 Hours After Procedure picture of a closure procedure vein stripping picture Endovenous Laser teratment
Proven Advantages over Vein Stripping in Randomized Comparative Trial Quicker return to normal activities, less pain, bruising, and discomfort during early recovery N/A No randomized comparative trial reported
Absence of Varicose Veins at 12 Months 90% of legs treated 85% of legs treated This type of outcome not reported
Return to Normal Activities within 24 Hours 89.1% of patients (Not reported) 69.8% of patients
Method of Action RF energy delivered directly to the vein wall removes the vein wall lining and induces collagen contraction. Fibrosis of treated vein continues for months. By 6-12 months post-op, the fibrosed vein may be resorbed and become sonographically invisible. Laser energy boils the blood. A laser-induced steam bubble heats residual blood in the treatment vein producing thrombotic occlusion.
Post-op Bruising 4% N/A 38%
Patient Satisfaction 98% of patients surveyed would recommend to a friend (Not reported)
Intraoperative Physician Feedback Physicians receive real-time feedback during the procedure on key treatment parameters. N/A EVL systems have no intraoperative feedback systems.


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