Treating Spider Veins

Treating spider veins can sometimes be an uphill affair. Spider veins,  also known as telangiectasis  and sometimes termed as venulectasias which is a cosmetic problem prevalent in both women and men. 

Spider veins are simply small varicose veins found in the skin which are bluish or reddish in color. For instance, telangiectasias are red veins which have a diameter of less than one millimeter, venulectasias take a bluish hue and they seem to swell from the skin and are approximately less than two millimeters in diameter, and reticular veins tend to have diameters ranging between two and four millimeters with  blue or purple coloration.

Pictures Showing Spider veins Before Treatment

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Before treating spider veins it is advisable to consult a sclerotherapist or your physician since careful diagnosis is very important for desirable treatment.


Spider Vein Treatment Options – Be Careful!

There are a number of remedies that say they can make instant fixes and make spider veins disappear within a short time but they don’t. Sclerotherapy and laser therapy are the most common remedies to spider veins but treatment depends on the patient’s body response mechanism.

Dr. Koppel is the Gainesville-area leader in effectively treating spider veins. He has been using the latest technology for treating his patients and is a big fan of the latest sclerotherapy options. Although laser treatment directed to skin can be used to treat spider veins, sclerotherapy is preferred by practitioners because it gives the most gratifying results of all gainesville spider vein removal. Sclerotherapy can eliminate more than 70% of spider veins with very few side effects, if any.

If you are having problems with spider veins contact Dr. Koppel today and start your sclerotherapy under his guidance and watchful eye.

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