Bulging Varicose Veins

Bulging Varicose Veins

Most varicose veins will collapse after VNUS closure.  Varicose veins develop from the backward pressure in veins pushing them outward.  Think of a tree with branches coming off of it.  If you were able to take the main tree trunk away, all of the branches would fall down.  This is similar to your venous anatomy.  VNUS closure is like taking the trunk away, so the branches or bulging varicose veins should collapse as well.

But what about those that don’t?

The most common way of treating the remaining varicose veins is through a procedure called a phlebectomy or micro-phlebectomy.

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I have to warn you that there is no way to explain this without it sounding awful.  But the reality is that it is a fairly benign procedure with almost no recovery.

1.  A very tiny incision (so small no sutures are needed!) is made over any remaining varicose veins.

2.  A special tool called a phlebectomy hook, similar to a crochet needle is used.

3.  The vein is brought through the vein through the skin.

4.  The vein is pulled out in sections.

While there can be some bruising with this, most patients can return to their normal activity level the next day.

So call today and get rid of those painful, unsightly varicose veins now!

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